Gender of Sound Listening Set 3

Saturday 12.1 2019 1-3 pm

Hanni Kamaly – THE REMODE
Anna Waerum Hansen – What would it take for us to hear the invisible?

Gender of Sound is an artistic research and development project led by artists Susanna Jablonski and Cara Tolmie that explores past, present and future debates on the position of gender, performativity and resistance within sound. Attempting to find ways to listen together with specific emphasis on how we might perceive music through a frame of gender the project hosts an ongoing series of Listening Sets and Listening Sessions. These events endeavour to find a collective language to reflect upon what we hear, how it affects our bodies, its poetic dimension, its political and cultural implications and how this might relate both to personal and common experience.

This Listening Set will present two new mixes by Hanni Kamaly and Anna Waerum Hansen with the aim of offering a more considered and collaged listening experience. Each set will last up to 20 minutes after which there will be time to find ways to reflect together upon what we have just heard. By searching for a diverse collective language in this reflection we want to begin to understand how we listen and what it might tell us about the preferences, histories and associations we each hold within our bodies. For this reason it is important that this process learns from a wide range of testimonies from friends, peers and a wider public so please join us! All experience or inexperience, passion, scepticism, excitement and taste towards music is warmly welcomed.

Hanni Kamaly is a research-based artist working with sculpture, video and performance in which she explores subject/object theories and ontology as it relates to borders of existence and boundaries of subjectivity. . Her recent and ongoing project is focused on dehumanization and representation through the diverse fields of anthropology, pop culture and post-colonialism.THE REMODE is a newly produced mix of sounds and songs of diasporic influence and the empowerment of representation through music. The mix is based on excerpts from artists, original and remixed, and recorded audio clips.

Anna Waerum Hansen is a singer/performance-artist and is currently studying Composition at the Rhythmical Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. In her musical practice she uses concrete and recorded sounds both as an instrument and a compositional-method to reflect upon the potential for ‘other stories’ to be revealed within music. In What would it take for us to hear the invisible? she will explore what might be possible in the meeting between ‘sound-collage’ and ‘pop music’: how have we been trained to listen to these two ‘genres’ using different ears? how might we be able to challenge the conventions of both of these forms by bringing them into contact through audio collage?

Gender of Sound Listening Set 3 is hosted by Galleri Format in dialogue with Santiago Mostyn’s exhibition How Important is Speed in a Revolution?