Listening Set 1

Listening Sets

Marabouparken, Stockholm, April 2018 

Hark! Behold! Rejoice! by Ellen Söderhult
The Third Ear by Pedram Nasouri

Comissioned and hosted by Susanna Jablonski and Cara Tolmie as part of research project Gender of Sound.

The event expands from a series of listening sessions that have been hosted over the past months as part of the ongoing artistic research and development project Gender of Sound by Susanna Jablonski and Cara Tolmie. Attempting to find ways to listen together with specific emphasis on how we might perceive music through the frame of gender, the previous sessions have endeavoured to find a collective language to reflect upon what we hear, how it affects our bodies, its poetic dimension, its political and cultural implications and how this might relate both to personal and collective experience.

As part of their research, Cara and Susanna have commissioned two new Listening Sets by Ellen Söderhult and Pedram Nasouri as part of Spring Clean with the aim of offering a more considered and collaged listening experience. After each set there will be time to find ways to reflect together upon what we have just heard.

By searching for a diverse collective language in this reflection we want to begin to understand how we listen and what it might tell us about the preferences, histories and associations we each hold within our bodies. For this reason it is important that this ongoing process learns from a wide range of testimonies from friends, peers and a wider public so please join us! All experience or inexperience, passion, scepticism, excitement and taste towards music is warmly welcomed!

Gender of Sound is an artistic research and development project led by artists Susanna Jablonski and Cara Tolmie that explores past, present and future debates on the position of gender, performativity and resistance within sound. It is supported and funded by the Royal Institute of Art (Kungl. Konsthögskolan), Stockholm 2017-2019. For more information please see

Ellen Söderhult is a dancer and choreographer based in Stockholm. She has performed works by Simon Forti and Alexandra Pirici and created works such as OTHERBODIES, RUDY and How to do things with Romance: a prologue. Along with Eleanor Bauer and Alice Chauchat, she initiated the project Nobody’s Dance in 2015, a copyleft platform for collective knowledge production and distribution. She is currently working with a choreographic study of the choir and the choir as a collective protagonist.

Pedram Nasouri is a DJ, record collector and freelance journalist based in Stockholm. He is a resident at the acid disco gay club Koxбox and regularly plays at known spots in the inner city, but puts most of his pride in organizing secret DIY-events that occur in the outer limits. He has written several pieces on dance music history as well as the art of DJ’ing.