Room 1

Cherry wood veneer US, asphalt, glas, paper towels, stone rod.

Room 2

Wood, granite, concrete marble mix, neon, acrylic, dried lavender, ceramic, taklon brush, T RÖD, glas selenite, brass nails, Medinilla Magnifica, paper towels, concrete stone metal rod, bronze, paper rolls, postcard, salt, apple, oar nobs, sea shell, mirror, plastic, brick, lampshade, velvet ribbon, dried plants, keys, rubber acorn, marble, stone, bean pod, jade, iPod, speakers, sound, passport photographs, street stone, bread, fossil.

Room 3

HD video, ceramic, peacock feather, TREO, mdf, paint, wood, fan, ventilation pipe, paper towels.

Most Ghosts Hold Grudges

Grudge: a word that imagines a feeling as an internal object that a body sometimes carries. Ghost: a disembodied soul; the soul of a dead person believed to be an inhabitant of the unseen world, or that appears to the living in bodily likeness.

Galleri Mejan, Royal Instititue of Art Stockholm

Photo: Santiago Mostyn, Jean Baptist Béranger