It's A Long Way to Heaven
Partcipating artists: Josefin Arnell, Alex Dabo, Manolis D. Lemos, Viktor Fordell, Susanna Jablonski and Agnieszka Polska

Presented by MEGA + yek at Tegel 2018.

Glass, plaster
57 x 0,5 + 1,5 x 9 cm

Cherry veneer and asphalt
220 x 100 x 35 cm
Oak, nylon wire
240 x 104 x 3 cm

Susanna Jablonski’s poetic sculptures stay in the in-betweens, drawing attention to the displacements that occur at the moment amidst two different phases / situations / emotional states. At the same time Jablonski addresses how bodies, both human and inanimate, become containers for memory. With inspiration from the notion of ‘entropy’, the measurement of energy and its temperature as it spreads over time, the sculptures often slowly change their appearance depending on both the temperature in the room and where the viewer’s body is positioned. These captivating sculptures test the limits of materials and our sense of recognition and distance. At Tegel, three of Jablonski’s works are presented; A furniture-like wav filled with the world's slowest fluid - asphalt - that melts during hot days, a circular glass piece, resembling a membrane hanging free, and a two sculptural blinds that mirrors the human chest.

Text: Maria Elena Guerra Aredal & Asrin Hadari 

Photo: Fredrik Andersson Andersson